MEC’ALP Industrie offers to its clients, sheet metal and metalwork.

MEC’ALP Industrie makes steel and/ or stainless steel welded mechanical pieces, from single parts to small series, from 5kg to 1,5 tons, and up to 6 x 3 x 2 meters in size (L x l x H). We work for different kind of sectors, which need to have some metalwork such as the industry, the agri-food and the building sectors. We also operate in agriculture and for private individuals.

We master the welding techniques with TIG, MIG and MMA.


Our pool of machinery includes :

  • 1 welding station TIG
  • 2 welding stations MIG
  • 2 inverter stations MMA
  • 1 plasma cutting station, 15 mm cutting capacity for mild steel
  • Diverse traditional tools
  • 1 hydraulic press 20 tons
  • 1 segmented folding machine with a maximum capacity 2,8 mm for mild steel and 1,6 mm for stainless steel and operational width of 1250 mm

We work in our warehouse, but also in the client’s premises or directly on the site where the repair job is taking place, with an intervention vehicle fully equipped to perform our tasks in an independent way.