• ABB Process Industrie (CELLIER GROUPE) : designer, producer and installer of complete unit for paper industries, industrial lubricants, paints and resins.
  • AKROS HENSCHEL : designer, manufacturer of presses and shears for the metal industry
  • La Française de Tuyauterie : designer, manufacturer of steel structures and piping
  • NOVOSTRAT France : manufacturer Polyethylene Foam for use in the packaging Industry and for Insulation in construction.
  • Société Eaux Col St Georges : production of mineral water
  • DOMOKIT : spécialist in automation and closing
  • Alpina-Savoie : fabrication pastas, couscous and semolina destined for the food industry
  • DMT-Chognard : designer and manufacturer stand-alone machines or complete lines to ensure non stop fabric processing.


  • LC Industrie : work of industrial installation, industrial transfer
  • M.C.I : maintenance, industrial boiler steel


  • A.S.S : industrial hardware and BTP
  • D3S : industrial hardware and BTP. Welding equipment.